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Yesterday I stopped in at one of our favorite burger eateries for a take-out lunch. Home Run Burger & Fries moved into a Taylorhurst Shopping Center storefront formerly occupied by Camille’s Cafe earlier this year. I think Lynda was sad to see Camille’s leave, but I was somewhat indifferent as their menu was a bit thin on dishes that I liked, and though I tried several, it seemed that if I found something I liked, they took it off the menu. Anyway, I was glad to see a restaurant move in that proudly claimed their burgers to be: FRESH, NEVER FROZEN – 100% BLACK ANGUS BEEF – GRILLED TO ORDER. We need a good burger joint in Jeffersontown, where the beef taste like beef, and Home Run delivers a hit.

When you enter the restaurant, you can hear someone on the staff shout “batter up” to inform the rest that a customer has entered the establishment. The layout of the place has vinyl-covered booths along both side walls and tables scattered between. An open cooking area, fronted by an order-counter is in back corner to your left, and a large menu-board is on the that wall as you approach the counter. The other back corner has a raised lunch-counter and stools and behind that by the side wall is a counter with the self-serve soda fountain, straws, lids, condiments, etc. MLB team pennants adorn the wall in keeping with a baseball theme and the music playing is usually Big Band music from the 40s, although I have recently notice a few jazz pieces from the 60s sneaking into the mix. All-in-all, quite open and clean; you don’t feel too much like you are in a fast food joint, even if they do serve what is typically fast food fare.

 Home Run serve several choices of burgers. If you see a choice prefaced with Li’l, it is a single patty and all others come with two patties. Prices range from $2.99 for the Li’l League Burger to $5.19 for a Bacon Cheeseburger. All burger can be dressed with a choice of 21 toppings:

Ketchup • Yellow Mustard • Brown Mustard • Mayo • Ranch • Honey Mustard • Thousand Island • Bar-B-Q • Hot Sauce • A-1 • Lettuce • Tomato • Pickles • Sweet Relish • Raw Onions • Grilled Onions • Sauteed Mushrooms • Cajun Seasonings • Roasted Red Peppers • Jalapeño Peppers • Banana Peppers

I will have to try out the Roasted Red Peppers next time; I hadn’t noticed them until I had typed out the list of toppings.

You can also get a Kosher Hot Dog for $2.79 and get them topped with Chili (50¢), Cheese (40¢) or Bacon (50¢) — although that cheese or bacon would kind of un-Kosher the hot dog. Fries come Regular or Cajun for $1.99. They also have something called Garden on a Bun for $2.69, but we have never tried it. Drink choices are: Chocolate Shake ($2.19), Soft Drinks (Regular – $1.69/Large $1.99), Bottled Water ($1.49) and Beer ($2.50/$3.00)

The burgers have been consistently good, with wonderful Angus beef flavor and are always juicy. The topping are always fresh. For the money, they are among the best burgers in town. The hot dogs on the other hand are pretty bad; but we think it is the brand they are using and not their preparation. I don’t expect much from a hot dog usually, but these fall short of even my lowered expectations. I am sure my doctor would prefer that I leave hot dogs off my diet anyway, so I won’t try those again until they change brands.

Home Run has been calling their fries “Slugger Fries”, but the lady who gave me my order yesterday informed me that they will have to change the name as they had been asked to do so by Hillerich & Bradsby (makers of the “Louisville Slugger” bat) because they hold the trademark on “Slugger”. The fries are usually pretty good, but there has been more than one occasion when they have been taken up too soon or been fried when the oil wasn’t hot enough and have been served to us rather limp and soggy, so points off for inconsistency. The seasonings on the Cajun fries are pretty mild, so try them if you like that flavor. ALLERGY ALERT: The fries are cooked in peanut oil.

Well worth a visit for a good burger, just stay away from the hot dogs and hope for the best on the fries.

8 out of 10 stars.

2060 South Hurstbourne Parkway
Taylorhurst Shopping Center

Phone: 502.409.7004 — Fax: 502.409.7449


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